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Phenolic resin impregnated film paper for film faced plywood

product description

This template paper can be bonded to each other or overlaid on the surface of wood-based panels/building templates by hot pressing.
Laminated paper is widely used in the production of building formwork. Laminated paper and wood-based panels are thermally pressed to form building templates, which are beautiful and beautiful, and have obvious advantages: the surface of the architectural membrane board makes the building smooth and flat; Any pollution caused by the material; can strictly limit the release of harmful gases; wear-resistant, pressure-resistant; waterproof paint greatly prolongs the service life of the membrane.

The laminated paper is divided into black laminated paper, brown laminated paper and black-brown laminated paper. The laminated board produced by it enables the formwork to be repeatedly constructed inside and outside the building, and can be durable for more than 15 times. The phenolic resin film attached to its surface has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and compression resistance. The surface is smooth, smooth and easy to use, so as to avoid secondary plastering and greatly shorten the construction period. This kind of coated board is widely used in shear walls, dams, tunnels, etc. Has broad prospects for development.

Product Parameters

Basic Info


Paper, Phenolic Glue Shape Flaky


Grade AA Veneer Type Impregnated

Formaldehyde Emission Standards

E0 Thickness 0.3mm


CARB, ISO9001, FSC Color Black, Brown, Bark Brown


Outdoor, Film Face for Plywood,building template Packaging Iron Tray


Phenolic Glue Size 4X8foot, 3X6foot


160G/M2, 180G/M2 Raw Paper 60G/M2, 70G/M2


20FT, 40FT Delivery Time Within 14days


marineplex, superplex Specification GB


Linyi City, Shandong Province, China

Phenolic Surface Film is a impregnated paper overlay designed to improve the surface characterization of wood based panels used for applications such as concrete shuttering.

Production Ability:
-- Good material used keep the qualtiy prefect,and easy to film on the boards.
-- Complete auto machine ensure the quantity 60000sheets/day.
-- Advanced film machine make the boards film smoothly and easy-to-use

-- Southeast Asia(Vitam,Thailand, Singapore etc. )
Middle east(UAE, Qutar, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Kuwait )
South America(Peru, Mexico, Chile, Cuba etc.)
Europe(Poland, Russia, Belgium, etc.)

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