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Architectural phenolic film-coated panels suitable for various construction projects

product description

Specifications of building formwork
1. The main specifications are: 915x1830mm, 1220x2440mm, 1250x2500mm
2. Thickness: 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 24mm...
3. Material: poplar, birch, hardwood, pine, mixed wood, etc.
4. Glue species: phenolic glue, melamine glue, urine glue
5. Film paper: phenolic coated paper brown film, black film

Product Parameters

Product Standars

Number Project Product Standards
01 edge defect none
02 Glue opening, cracking, layering none
03 length tolerance ±3mm
04 Thickness tolerance 12±0.2mm/15±0.2mm/18±0.5mm
05 Diagonal tolerance ±3mm
06 Warpage no more than 1%
07 Surface dents, indentations, bulges none(Allows for individual slight indentations)
08 surface repair none
09 Surface scratches, burns, burrs none(Allows for individual slight indentations)
10 Laminated paper is glued, damaged, and missing edges none
11 discoloration none
12 Panel stitching seam none
13 Panel Lamination none
14 patch, patch none
15 moisture content 6~8
16 bond strength Mpa The ratio of qualified specimens to the total number of valid specimens is ≥90% ≥0.7
17 Timber damage rate 39%
18 Static bending strength Mpa along the grain≥45
19 horizontal stripes≥30
20 Elastic Modulus along the grain≥6000
21 horizontal stripes≥4500

Product features

Light Weight
More suitable for high-rise buildings and bridge construction.

The maximum format is 2440×1220mm, which reduces the number of joints and improves the working efficiency of the formwork.

Long Lasting
No warping, no deformation, no cracking, good water resistance, high turnover and long service life.

Easy Demoulding
The demoulding is easy, only 1/7 of the steel mold.

Concrete Pouring
The surface of the poured object is smooth and beautiful, minus the secondary plastering process of the wall, it can be directly veneered for decoration, reducing the construction period by 30%.

Corrosion resistance, good thermal insulation performance
Does not pollute the concrete surface; conducive to winter construction.

Good construction performance
The performance of nailing, sawing and drilling is better than that of bamboo plywood and small steel plates. It can be processed into various shapes of formwork according to the construction needs, and the formwork of the curved plane.

Used many times
It can be used repeatedly if stored and used correctly.

Four advantages to achieve brand reputation and help high-quality projects

You have finally found a powerful faction, choose Chunsen, choose assured quality

1. Rich production experience
The company has many years of industry experience and a number of professional technicians. The company adheres to the principle of quality first, and its products are sold at home and abroad. It is a modern enterprise integrating processing, production and sales services.
Years of industry experience, a complete range of products.
2. Product strength
Strictly select and use high-quality raw materials and accessories to ensure that each product is born with high quality from the beginning of production.
The board surface is flat and smooth, with light weight, no warping, no deformation, no cracking, easy demoulding, high strength, good bonding force and nail holding force to ensure the use effect.
High water resistance and thermal insulation performance, large plate surface, high cycle turnover and durable use.
Template source factory direct sales, cost-effective, quality assurance.

3. Production strength
20 acres of product production base, standardized modern production workshop, 5 million / year clear water template production and manufacturing capacity.
Specializing in quality, we have advanced plywood manufacturing and processing equipment production lines at home and abroad.
Professional focus, research and development customized production integrated manufacturers
4. Quality assurance
Carefully select the raw material supply, enter the factory and then pass the screening, and control the product quality from the source.
The whole process of inspection procedures is perfect, the indicators are harsh, and it fully conforms to the national inspection and testing standards and environmental protection certification.
The formwork has been tested by the National Supervision and Inspection Center and has reached B/T1756-2008 "Standard of Plywood for Concrete" and has been praised and praised by many parties.
Strict quality control, proficient in details, whole-process inspection, after-sales guarantee.

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